VIRTUAL ESCAPE (1999) - Real time demonstration written in assembler on the Atari ST

A few facts:

  • Hardware: this demo runs at 50 frames per second on an Atari ST (8 MHz 68000 CPU, 512kb RAM)
    Screen resolution: 320x200 with 4 bitplanes.

  • Code: coded in pure 68000 assembler. Around 120,000 lines of code. Final result is 700kb to fit on a single density 3.5" floppy disk, including graphics and music.

  • Trackloading: with only 512kb RAM available, the entire demo can't be loaded in memory at once.
    To overcome this limitation we use the trackloading principle:
    while an effect is being displayed on screen, the subsequent effect is loaded and depacked in memory using interrupts.
    This principle is used each time another stage of the demo is reached.

  • Crew: co-developped and designed with C. Agez
    2D graphics by Nova
    Musics by Frank Denis and Jochen Hippel